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Man&Man Web Agency - Your Digital Affairs in a Single Place!

``Quality and NOT Expensive Websites ``

By Man&Man Digital Agency, all your digital affairs are professionally performed exclusively and without bringing you extra work load.

For the ones who do not want to be kept out of internet, e-commerce and digital world, your solution partner, Man&Man Digital Agency is with you.

The advantages that Man&Man Digital Agency will provide you:

Gain new customers in the whole country and in different destinations with the services we offer,

Take professional steps for spreading the name of your firm and brand,

With the active usage of the internet and social media more business potential and opportunity to enter new markets,

More comprehensible products and services; and accurate advertisement results with target group analyses for reaching the right people,

Man&Man Digital Agency unlike many firms do not find it ethical to get % commission for your Google advertisements and do not charge a fee for that.

Website Setup

(Hosting and Domain Name- Free- SSL Certified)

Mobile/ Tablet Compatible Website

Responsive Design

Corporate E-mail Accounts

Free Setup

Logo Designing

Corporate Identity Designing

Social Media Accounts

Founding Corporate Social Media Accounts


Preparing and presentation of monthly reports for 6 months

Communication Forms

Creating and setup of communication forms for customers to reach you

Scanning Faults

Fault check on your site regularly


Opening and Managing Google AdWords Accounts

Keyword Analysis

Words Analysis Necessary for Google AdWords

Rival Analysis

With which words your rivals are ranked up

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